New resources section for Waterstink

We’ve decided to add a new resources section to Waterstink! From time to time we’ll post materials such as our written responses to consultations and inquiries, presentations and so on. Some you may spot already dotted around online elsewhere. However our dedicated resources section here will mean at least they’re easy to find all in one place.

First up we have Duncan’s written response to the 2008 All Party Parliamentary Water Group (APPWG) inquiry into the future of the UK water sector. The APPWG inquiry began in 2007 and a full report was later published. Duncan responded to the inquiry’s questions including with an update to some interesting data from our Crisis of Innovation book on capital expenditure (CAPEX) from 1920 to 2010.

Secondly we’ve uploaded our joint written response to the ongoing Cave Review of competition and innovation in water markets. Our response was primarily about innovation although we also had space for some comments relevant to competition.

We figured it was timely to make these responses easily available online now because everyone (well perhaps not everyone…) is eagerly waiting for what Professor Martin Cave will finally recommend as means to increase the water sector’s currently very poor innovation intensity. He’s already published an interim report but that mainly dealt with competition issues. We don’t yet know his innovation recommendations. Will it be a new R&D levy? Or changes to some of the Price Review’s counter productive incentives? Perhaps something we’ve suggested? Or entirely new propositions altogether?

We’ll see. And we’ll be sure to post our opinions soon after the release of Martin’s final report. In the meantime these two responses give you a fair idea about where we’re coming from on water sector innovation. Enjoy and please do leave your comments!

Duncan Thomas & Roger Ford

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