Share your water innovation hardships with us: Kick up a stink!

From time to time we receive emails from water sector innovators. Often they’ve come across an article or presentation related to our widely publicised UKWIR work on Barriers to Innovation in the UK Water Industry back in 2006.

So as a little experiment we may try sharing some of these hardship stories on Waterstink. We’ll happily make them anonymous (and of course we won’t publish anything libellous that could land contributors in trouble!).

If you’ve got a story about encountering – or better still overcoming – innovation barriers in the UK water sector, do drop us a line and let us know. We’ll publish it in the hope that others can learn from your experience.

You can contact us at info [at] waterstink [dot] com (remembering to remove all the spaces and replace the square brackets with the corresponding symbol).

Update (16/11/2016): Always best to contact us by leaving a comment on any post (which will not be published, if requested); featured image added from this source.

Duncan Thomas

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