A strange and sad water-related death

At a time when many of the peoples of the world die or suffer due to lacking sufficient clean drinking water it seems a strange and sad inditement of world affairs to hear of a completely avoidable water-related death caused by overconsumption of water within a resource-rich nation.

Sky News today carried the outcome of a legal case in America of a women whose post-mortem showed she died of ‘water intoxication’. Sadder still is that the lady apparently drank too much water in a short period, without urinating, simply to try to win a radio contest offering a Nintendo Wii as a prize. The feature was bizarrely entitled Hold Your Wee For a Wii.

The woman’s family were awarded 16 million USD compensation, employees at the radio station were sacked, but no criminal charges were filed. Further details of this unfortunate story are available here.

Update (16/11/2016): Public domain featured image added from this source.

Duncan Thomas

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