Celebrating World Toilet Day

Last Thursday, 19th November, was World Toilet Day, promoted by the WTO (no, not the WTO people normally think, but in fact the far more importantly themed, World Toilet Organization!). This year the day was marked by ‘the big squat‘, a common action to raise awareness of the multitudes of people around the world with no or highly inadequate access to proper sanitation. There’s a history about the day available here and some photos of previous years’ activities.

European Water News covered the day. The BBC World Service also discussed some interesting issues from Liberia. BBC News reported on an interesting story about a poetry book launched on World Toilet Day, from a project up in the Shetland Islands, called Bards in the Bog (a title which reminds me that Roger and I originally discussed ‘Blog on the Bog’ for what eventually here became our Waterstink!).

Closer to home, I did my own little part for World Toilet Day. It just so happens that the 19th is also my wedding anniversary and my spouse very thoughtfully got me the ‘Toilets of the World 2010‘ calendar as a gift! It’s a graphically poignant reminder of this inexplicably low priority technology area around the world, take it from me…!

Update (16/11/2016): Featured image added from this source.

Duncan Thomas

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