A small bit of good (water-related) news from COP15

Although it reads almost like a marketing pamphlet for Waterlogic, nevertheless we thought we’d share a recent press release by European Water News as it’s a nice update to one of our posts on bottled water.

Apparently the COP15 conference venue has been using filtered tap water instead of bottled water, stating that this represents ‘a considerable energy saving advantage because production, transportation and disposal of water bottles will be avoided’.

It could be seen as a token effort by some I guess, but for me I like the fact that it’s in line with some good practice by public bodies in the UK not to use bottled water or water cooler drums and by private efforts, especially in London as we’ve previously mentioned, to promote the use of tap water over bottled water. It also has an air about it of ‘getting one’s own house in order first’, which is an aspect emphasised to me recently as being a key pillar to improved resilience to climate change. The example in that case was the new, hot-off-the-press, Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Framework (it’s part of the spirit of Pillar III, i.e. to ‘integrate adaptation into regulation and public policy’).

COP15 itself is only at its midway point so it’s not yet clear what will become of it. Already there are the now increasingly expected news stories seemingly surrounding any global summit about a wide range of protests, contentious police tactics and arrests to add to its eventual legacy. Here’s hoping that COP15 will be remembered for more than just that in the long-run, and that the undercurrent (no pun intended!) of this small water-related gesture will have some influence over the delegates in helping to move towards a more climate change resilience future for all of us.

Update (16/11/2016): Featured image added from this source.

Duncan Thomas


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