Waterstink’s 1st birthday: Video post!

It’s not just Thomas Crapper with an anniversary this month. Crapper was, of course, an early promoter of the modern toilet and the inventor of the ballcock (which overcame the then accepted practice of constantly flushing toilets). Crapper died in January 1910 so this month marks the 100th anniversary of his passing. No doubt this should prompt more than a little reflection about the unquestionable importance of toilets in our modern daily lives.

Here at Waterstink however we have our own little milestone: Waterstink.com is now one-year old! We’ve notched up 28 posts across 18 different water and sanitation-related categories… Not bad for one full-time academic and one who seems to have been even busier after retirement than he was before!

To celebrate our first birthday, we thought we’d try a short video post for the first time. Here it is:

Now that we’re (sort of!) up to speed with the technical side of this kind of post we hope to try out several more during 2010.

In particular we’d like to do some short video posts about the kinds of water and wastewater infrastructure you’re quite likely to see dotted around the countryside and next to major roads in the UK. These will be the kinds of water industry sites you may see all the time but might wonder what they’re for or how they could be made more efficient and sustainable by deploying the kinds of modern technology and innovation we often blog about on Waterstink.

So keep an eye out for more video posts from us very soon! And of course don’t forget that we’ll continue our regular posts about various water and sanitation issues as per usual in the coming weeks and months.

Duncan Thomas & Roger Ford


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