Video: Musical interlude, Sentimentalists

After a very busy period – and a few technical challenges – I’m happy to say that the short video I made about local group Sentimentalists playing a gig at Cornholme Working Men’s Club is now ready for viewing. This video post is entirely not water-related, so if you’re a regular follower of strictly just our water news, please do be aware that you may want to simply look away right now! Otherwise, here’s the video below:

Update (15/11/2016): Video no longer available sorry!

For this little project I teamed up with Erik Knudsen again – with whom I’ve been working on our water film, The Silent Accomplice. This time we used some new tools, mainly gentle digital noise reduction (DNR) and grading. This was my first experience of using these post-production plugins. Now that I’m a bit more familiar with them I hope to use them for some more creative Waterstink video posts here in future. They certainly help with taking the edge off productions shot with the budget camcorder that I’ve used for the Waterstink posts to date. They provide a bit more of a ‘film’ / professional look, I feel…

With this short video now complete I’ll shortly be returning to water news posts in the coming weeks. Roger and I are also hoping to try out a new style of Waterstink video post. We plan to visit some water or wastewater infrastructure and provide some commentary about how it has or hasn’t been influenced by technical innovation – and how it might benefit from particular technical or operational changes to adapt to future energy or climate challenges. We’ll post back soon with more on this idea.

Duncan Thomas

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