Video: The Silent Accomplice Premiere

Yesterday we had the premiere at Odeon Printworks Manchester of the water film Erik Knudsen and I have been working on now for around two years, The Silent Accomplice. I’ll post back soon with some news about reactions to the film – and with some of my own thoughts on how it represents some really challenging local and global water issues. For now, mainly for those who sadly couldn’t make the premiere, I just wanted to post a bit of footage from just before the film was shown to share a bit of the great atmosphere from this long-awaited event:

There were various members of the cast and our (micro-sized!) crew present. It was particularly nice to see again members of the cast that had been shot very early on during the production – as we hadn’t seen them in a long time – and to catch up with some friends.

During the showing itself, the film looked fantastic. It was projected from a Blu-ray master and filled the giant screen with lots of detail. One thing that I guess neither of us had fully predicted was the rather soothing effect of what is effectively a form of ‘white noise’ towards the start of the film, during a rain storm sequence, combined with some very immersive yet extremely tranquil, natural greenery from a countryside and a forest. It seemed to soothe and settle people into the film really gently, and provided a welcome distraction from the otherwise very hectic Manchester city centre outside, which was bustling with lots of Saturday morning shoppers!

Duncan Thomas

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