World water scarcity

Back when we recorded our New Year message we said how disappointed and disturbed we were that the whole question of future world water scarcity and its consequences for global warming scenarios had not been included in the Copenhagen Conference final communiqué (COP15). Water shortage was, for many, to be one of the first consequences of global warming. And yet this issue was being largely disregarded by both legislators and the environmental politicians.

In an earlier post last year Duncan has also said how little appears to change as a result of these kind of international jamborees. Therefore it was really exciting recently to hear the The Independent’s report on the Cannes Film Festival (dated 15 May 2010). Shekhar Kapur, the Oscar-nominated Indian film director, who has publicly warned about the long term problems of water shortage in his native country, will make a science fiction disaster film on this subject. Encouraged by his friend Danny Boyle (director of Slumdog Millionaire) Kapur will direct Paani (Water, set for release in 2011). It is a love story set in a futuristic city where water appears to have almost run out and corporations war over its control. The city is divided into two halves in which the wealthy hoard the water and drip feed the slums.

In The Independent’s article Kapur is quoting as saying: ‘We want and have to get this story out there as widely as we can … One of the key drivers behind the project is an aim to bring the growing global issue of a world without clean drinking water, and the threat to humanity it represents, to the top of the global political agenda‘. He then gave a recent example where: ‘People in Bijapur where people were furious [because] for weeks no water was supplied to their homes. When the public attacked the local water regulation body they found there was water in the tank, but it was being supplied only to influential people like politicians and businessmen…

Kapur also said he has wanted to make this film for over ten years.

Update (15/11/2016): Featured image added from this source.

Roger Ford

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