A yuletide tune from Thames

So, my house move is finally over. I’m absolutely shattered – and flat broke! It’s our first-ever house – after just over 18 years of renting. In the middle of the ‘credit crunch’, it certainly wasn’t an easy thing to do – especially as a first-time buyer who doesn’t have any millionaire relatives to stump up the kinds of deposits banks are looking for at the moment!

Happily though, after a lot of hiccups and hardships along the way – and in spite of my growing loathing of the injustices of some extremely dubious and highly-secretive credit-scoring systems in use out there – we’ve ended up in a home with a lot of environmentally-aware features. In fact, it’s been built to the Level 3 of the Government’s Sustainable Homes initiative – and we’re discovering lots of little positive things every day at the moment. (And realising that absolutely no one on the high street sells energy-saving bulbs that will fit our light fittings!)

As well as the happy knowledge that no landlord can stealthily attempt to sell the place right from under us – which was a major reason prompting our move – it’s personally very rewarding for me that, as we fast approach our second birthday here at Waterstink, I’m finally living somewhere where I can seemingly do a fair amount to improve my water conservation habits. About time, you might say! But then again, I feel I’ve been really limited by the things one can do – and have any right to change, that is without lots of email and letter-writing then hoping for landlord consent – whilst being a (lowly) tenant.

More about all that in a future post though. I’m in far too good a mood to rant on today, in spite of the temptation to do so, given my current fatigue! In another forthcoming post I’ll also share some pics of all the new kit our house came fitted with. (Oh… And I should mention also that Roger has recently been busy touring Australia. I’m planning to convince him to post some of his insights from that trip in the New Year too, concerning water resource problems there, and some solutions being tried…)

In the meantime though, while I gather my breath, gasp every time I see my bank balance – and try in vain to catch up on the sleep that evaded me due to stress and over-exertion over the past weeks and months – I’m just quickly going to share below a funny video from Thames Water that my wife came across:

As far as I’m aware, the fats and oils from commercial premises do one heck of a lot of damage to the sewers in London – more so than from domestic outputs, or so I’ve been told. Still, it’s good that Thames is getting the message out there in a humorous way. It’s always good to see efforts to tackle the whole ‘flush-and-forget’ mentality we’ve sadly got in the UK.

Well, that’s about all that I have the energy for, right now. More will be coming soon though – hopefully some time just before the New Year… Bye for now!

Duncan Thomas

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