Water film news

The last two months have brought some interesting news for the water film Erik Knudsen and I made, which had its premiere last April, The Silent Accomplice. First, the film was shown at the Anchorage International Film Festival during December 2010. Erik attended and the film was very well-received. Some photos from the trip can be seen here – including of Erik meeting the award-winning, American independent filmmaker, Charles Burnett.

Leading on from contacts Erik made at the festival, a new sales agreement for The Silent Accomplice has just been signed, covering the States for the forthcoming year. Hopefully this will lead to some exciting new developments!

During 2011, I’m hoping to work with Erik again on one of his new projects. At this stage, it seems like water may once again be involved as a location/character. I’m looking forward to this very much. I’m also sure it’ll lead to more enjoyable work set in unusual places – e.g. like our day of filming in an underground Victorian-era in Leeds market, for the making of The Silent Accomplice (shown below):

Duncan taking on-location stills at Leeds market, during the filming of The Silent Accomplice
Photo: Duncan on-location for The Silent Accomplice in Leeds. Source: Erik Knudsen.

So I’ll post back when I have more news and updates…

Duncan Thomas

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