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Recently some of the snags on my new eco(ish) home have been sorted. Interestingly this has meant I’ve been able to access my water meter for the first time! Not one to only harp on about what’s wrong with the UK water industry, I thought I’d share a quick report of a positive experience I’ve just had, now that I can read my meter.

When I moved in, of course, my water company had very little usage data to base our payment estimates upon. So they took the usage in my previous property as a guide. This was reasonable, I thought. At least it was from a metered property – i.e. far better than estimating from an unmetered property to a metered one. Still, I had been wondering whether the eco features in my new place would make a difference. My old and new properties are roughly the same size, and my water consumption habits have changed little. The only variable would seem to be the water-delivery technology.

Happily, it turns out I’m using far less water in the new place! Even better, my water company has just revised and reduced my water bill after I let them know this. Every penny counts at the moment, so that’s a welcome response and good customer service, in my view. (Well done Yorkshire.)

So, what’s the difference? Well, my previous annual usage was a bit over 100 m³. With the low-flow shower, tap-aerators and so on in the new place, it’s looking like it will be more like 60 m³ or so. Quite a saving. I’ll report back when I know for sure. If it turns out to be true then that’s quite a turn-up for the water-saving kit.

In the meantime, I’m still hoping to be able to find a moment away from my current intensive survey analysis on some other research I’ve been doing, to post about recent water-related news. (This explains the lack of posts during April too, sadly…) In particular I want to catch up with the Gray Review. I’m hoping to post back soon about it… although I must say it’s been frustratingly hard to find the relevant materials, that is, apart from minutes and a news story about a meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Water Group. This is truly bizarre given that David Gray was meant to have reported a month or so ago! Ah well…

Update (15/11/2016): Featured image added from this source.

Duncan Thomas

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