No more dreams of a jacuzzi!

It’s been a busy few weeks of DIY during the summer weather and my planned post on the recent Herne Hill water mains burst sadly has fallen behind schedule. My plan to review the recent research report on water usage practices, Patterns of Water, is also delayed.

For the time being then, not to let Waterstink lapse for the month of August, I’m just sharing a titbit on how my rather superficial but nevertheless long-standing dream of getting a nice jacuzzi at home one day was recently put permanently on hold. Suffice it to say that thanks to a short lunch discussion with Roger and his description of exposure to trihalomethanes from the mix of chlorinated water and bodily organics, the whole thing suddenly has become not very appealing! (NB. A slightly more graphic description of why is here, in addition to the more neutral Wikipedia link.)

Update (15/11/2016): Featured image added from here.

Duncan Thomas

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