A ‘can’t be unseen’ video ad for toilet squatting

I’m busy writing auto cues for my MOOC session on the UK water privatization experience, and teaching at work is in full swing… so it’s a short post this month. I’ve some interesting updates on our recent Cowspiracy and Boxing Day floods posts, but I’ll have to wait and get those up next month…

For now, here’s a bit of ‘can’t be seen’ video advert on a product touting the benefits of toilet squatting. I saw it when someone posted it up on social media. Like me, you mightn’t be able to get it out of your mind afterwards; warning, viewer discretion advised:

Some usual disclaimers too… other techniques and products for squatting are available. Squatting may not be right for you. Consult a doctor before squatting etc. etc.

Interestingly I recall Roger and I discussing this topic years back.  (Yes this is the usual direction of the conversation when we meet up; lunches with us are not for the squeamish!) It’s a fascinating, but not necessarily unsurprising, comment on path dependency/lock-in for sanitation technology that many of us, in industrialised countries, use a dominant toilet design that isn’t optimal when it comes to this issue… and then there’s its additional sustainability problems around potable water use for flushing of water-sealed toilets and so on.

OK, that’s all for now… until next month!

Duncan Thomas

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