Water Stuff #1 – The Hushings at Shedden Clough UK

Hello and a very Happy New Year from Roger and Duncan at Waterstink! We’re very happy to be launching into 2017 with a brand new video series, “Water Stuff”.

It’s been an absolute age since we did our first proper Waterstink video almost exactly six years ago. (Roger does not like being on camera, as you can probably tell!) A lot has happened since and has meant that we’re only just catching up now on making new videos… For this new “Water Stuff” series we’re going to visit as many water-related sites as we can, probably initially in the UK. We’ll also do a bit of filming about water and sanitation things in and around the home.

Below is our 15-minute first episode visiting “The Hushings at Shedden Clough UK”:

Shedden Clough is an area fairly close by to where I work and live. I’ve taken people there quite a few times. Everyone comments on how unusual, picturesque and fascinating this site is – so long as the weather’s not too bad! Fortunately here we managed to catch a few clear (but frosty) days over the holidays and got some reasonably sunny footage.

We’re very grateful that research about the site is available online from the Craven & Pendle Geological Society, and we draw upon that in the video. We also drew upon material online from the Burnley Urban River Enhancement Scheme, including their specific material on Shedden Clough. The site is also, we understand, owned and maintained by United Utilities in partnership with a range of organisations (which you can listed on the information boards in the video) such as: the Environment Agency, Lancashire County Council, Pennine Prospects, and The Watershed Landscape Partnership. Lastly, we also looked at the Wikipedia page on Hushing.

One further thing is that I say that I wasn’t able to see the kilns in this video, although there are some ruined ones and a reconstructed kiln on site. I later realised that I’d captured an image of the reconstructed kiln from one of the information boards, so I’m putting that below here now:

Photo: Screen grab of the reconstructed lime kiln at The Hushings site.
Photo: Screen grab of the reconstructed lime kiln at The Hushings site.

We’re just finding our feet again with video making, and we aim to improve our quality, and to develop our style a bit as we make and share more material here and on YouTube. (This is a rather long-winded way of saying, we realise that our first effort is a few stops short of perfection!) With that said, we hope you enjoy Water Stuff Episode 1. More episodes are coming soon.

Lastly, once we clear some persistent technical hurdles we’ll also share the imminent launch dates – and launch links – for our two water massive open online courses (MOOCs). There will also be public YouTube links to all those videos… Bye bye for now!

P.S. Oh… and the background music in Water Stuff #1 is by my rather talented brother-in-law based in Ukraine. His stage name is Rene Sens and you can listen to and download some of his music here.

Duncan Thomas

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