Water Stuff #3 – Flash lake and reservoirs by Microlight

An opportunity arose last weekend to do some filming to get quickly another episode of Water Stuff in the can, hot on the heels of our previous episode only a fortnight ago! It turns out a friend flies microlights. It’d been a long-held wish of mine to go up in one, I asked him would he take me. Kindly he agreed, and happily it all came off.

We passed quite a lot of water-related stuff whilst up in the air, flying some distance South West of Manchester, as you’ll see in the YouTube video below:

It was fascinating to fly over such a mix of water history and new water developments, with the industrial heritage of Pennington Flash, and the recent solar installation at Rivington water treatment works on the Rivington reservoirs (which then helped me to stumble across what United Utilities has been doing with floating solar panels at Godley reservoir, East of Manchester, to increase its renewable energy production).

The one thing I forgot to mention in the video was that my friend’s microlight landing was actually very gentle! It looks abrupt in the film, but this is only because the GoPro mount he uses is very sensitive. (You can see him adjust it a few times in the film, it’s on a flexible grip rod thingy…)

Now I just have to convince him to take me up again some time soon… to have a detailed look at the floating solar at Godley reservoir!

Duncan Thomas

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