Poo on planes

I have a lot of work-related travel on planes soon and this recent post by actual-pilot-YouTube-r ‘Captain Joe‘ caught my eye. He describes how toilets work on airplanes, including how they use the air pressure differential between the cabin and the outside for suction, how odours are handled, freezing pipes avoided, where the sink water comes from and goes afterwards, and what happens when a toilet is used when the plane is still on the ground.

All in all it’s a clear, pleasant, short and informative, under 7-minute piece on a topic many of us wonder about from time to time; please feel free to have a look:

Of course there’s also lots of other non-toilet aviation-related stuff on Captain Joe’s channel. This one being on water and sanitation – and about toilets in an ‘extreme’ environment, of sorts – I wanted to flag it up here at Waterstink… Enjoy!

Duncan Thomas

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