It’s taken me just a few weeks shy of 8 years to get my Waterstink co-founder, friend and colleague, Roger Ford back in front of a camera! (He was last with me for our video for Waterstink’s 1st birthday!)

We’re launching a new series of short video interviews, focusing on people who’ve been involved with innovations in water, sanitation and hygiene issues around the world, or “Watervators” for short.

To kick off this series, Roger agreed to share his forthright views on UK water industry innovation culture. In the 10-minute video below he also shares some of his recollections from his 1992 to 2000 stint as R&D Director, at North West Water/United Utilities:

You can read more about Roger’s background on our About page. In the meantime we both hope you enjoy the video!

NB. I kindly acknowledge funding from an Ignition Award I received from UMIP that made it possible for me to have the digital puppet character of me you see at the start and end of the above video. This artwork was done by the very wonderful team at Devon-based, Digital Puppets!

Duncan Thomas & Roger Ford

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