Waterstink Resources

For the first time in 2014, Prof. Dale Whittington, along with Duncan Thomas of Waterstink, offered a free, massive open online course (MOOC) on global water and sanitation issues. This ‘Part 1’ water MOOC ran for one cohort as a scheduled programme, and 17,000 people signed up to take it from around 190 countries.

This free MOOC, and a companion ‘Part 2’ are now available for you to take ‘on demand’, as and when you have the time to study these two MOOCs. Here are the links:

Here’s the Part 1 trailer:

And here’s the Part 2 trailer:

You can now also watch the full set of over 100 videos from our MOOC Parts 1 and 2 by clicking on the playlist links below:

You’re also very welcome to read our archived ‘Waterstink’ related features from Roger and Duncan in 2012, available online in Utility Week:

There’s also Roger and Duncan’s evidence submissions on UK water policy reform that date back to 2008:

You’re welcome as well to visit our Waterstink channel on YouTube (where’s we starting a new Water Stuff video series). You can also follow us on Twitter (@waterstink) and of course feel free to keep an eye on who we are following.


There are also some interesting water-related organisations and water bloggers we recommend (please note these links come and go, we’ll update them as and when we can, and we are not responsible for external sites’ content):